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2021 最熱銷產品|銀河星空燈
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  • 1x 銀河星空燈(Wifi款)
  • 1x 幻彩戶外小圓球燈串(Wifi 款)


訂單金額超過3000 台幣即可選擇以下產品其中一項作為禮物,請在下單後通知客服選擇。
  • 免費宅配
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Nordeco Galaxy Star Light | Bring the Milky Way into your home.

Nordeco The Milky Way starry sky light puts the gorgeous starry sky and the Milky Way into a small starry sky projector, so that you can watch the wonderful colorful starry sky through the starry sky light at any time.

feature of product

app control

Nordeco Galaxy Sky Light now provides a new WIF control model, which can now be controlled with the same APP as Nordeco RGB Magic Color Changing Floor Light (App Control), which is easier and more convenient.

multiple color variations

The galaxy effect has a variety of colors to choose from, matching your home design and preferences, creating a romantic galaxy effect at any time.

USB powered

Nordeco Galaxy Star Light is powered by USB power supply, easy to use without worrying about voltage.


The Nordeco Galaxy Star Light is small in size, with a lightweight design of 85mm x 165mm and 810g, so you can easily carry it to different party occasions, especially suitable for various parties The background lighting combination of the party, combined with Nordeco's illusion floor lamp is even more beautiful, definitely not to be missed!

More starry sky colors and light and dark can be set

Nordeco Galaxy Starlight (WIF control version) can control more colors, light and dark and changes through the APP, which can better meet your various atmospheres and needs.

Custom Variations and Scene Modes

You can choose different nebula color combinations and changes, and set changes at any time with the scene mode on the APP.

timing mode

You can set the projection time of the starlight in the App, for example, set a two-hour projection time before going to bed, and it will automatically turn off after going to bed, without wasting power.

Support SIRI shortcut

Nordeco Galaxy Starlight (WIF control version) supports iPHONE Siri voice control, easy to control the switch, brightness and color change through voice.

*App uses WIFI 2.4ghz connection, if the use scene does not provide WIFI, please choose the remote control model.

The color of the star is green and cannot be changed

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WhiteBlack (limited new model)

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Control Color on iPhone

HOMEKIT Apple series scan code directly connected to smart home

The Homekit smart light bar has been fully upgraded. The new smart light bar now supports direct scanning to connect to the original Homekit "Home" App of IOS. It no longer needs to be connected through other third-party apps and intermediate devices, which is more convenient and quicker.

iPhone smart control

You can now use your iPhone, iPad, Macbook and other Apple devices to control your indoor lights through Homekit.

* Since Apple has not opened some functions such as music change and color gradient for Homekit, if you want to use these functions, you need to install the Cozylife App separately. You can control both Homekit and Cozylife App simultaneously.

* Cozylife App only supports iPhone and Android system now.

Cozylife IOS download link

Cozylife Android download link

Various colors and illusion changes

The color-changing light strip provides a variety of single-color and illusion colors to choose from, and has a dimmable function. Through the attached remote control/App/homekit, you can choose a variety of dynamic modes, such as flashing, breathing, strobe, gradient, etc. At the same time, you You can also adjust the brightness of the light.

* Since Apple has not opened the music function for Homekit, if you want to use the music function, you need to install the Cozylife App separately. You can control both Homekit and Cozylife App simultaneously.

easy installation

Easy to install, fully equipped, comes with USB plug, IR remote control, control receiver and RGB light strip. Just tear off the tape behind the strip light, then stick it on the wall or other surface, it can be fixed, super sticky, easy to install. You can easily apply the LED strip light to any smooth position you want.

If the size of the light bar is too long, you can cut the excess part, but the cut part cannot be used again.

Support SIRI control

As long as Homekit is connected to your iPhone, you can use Siri to control your lighting effects. For example, changing the color of lights, controlling switches, etc., freeing your hands starts with voice control.

Music and Optional Variations

The Homekit color-changing light strip can change the color of the light by receiving the beat of external music through the microphone of the mobile phone. It is most suitable for placing in the living room or next to the TV as matching lighting, and it is also the best choice for parties.

In addition, you can also choose different color change combinations by yourself, no need to be limited by the preset combinations, and you can choose more personalized lighting.

* Since Apple has not opened the music function for Homekit, if you want to use the music function, you need to install the Cozylife App separately. You can control both Homekit and Cozylife App simultaneously.

Create scene mode

Through the built-in home scene mode of IOS, you can add different smart products to a specific scene for common control, and create custom settings for multiple groups of light bars, such as one-key control of multiple groups of light bars/turn on/off lights at a specified time etc.

Through Homekit, you can also control and combine other non-Nordeco devices together.

no problem without internet

The HomeKit color-changing light strip can be controlled by the iPhone’s built-in Homekit system and the Cozylife App, and you can also control most of the functions through the remote control that comes with the light and the receiver on the power cord, even if there is no stable network. use.

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5 meters10 meters15 meters20 meters
iPhone Homekit and Siri control

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Nordeco has launched a new multi-purpose illusion screen backlight, which allows you to display different mood lighting effects in a variety of ways. It can be used as a desk lamp for lighting, or it can be attached to the back of the screen as a backlight. In addition, this product supports the use of the same App control with our other WIFI smart lighting products, such as the Galaxy starlight or RGB floor lamp , which is more convenient and unified.

The Nordeco Symphony Screen Backlight supports customizing the lighting colors of different parts through the App. You can set the entire lighting to be the same color, or you can set individual parts to display different colors. It is very personalized and meets different configurations and lighting needs.

Key features:

Multiple Variation Modes

In addition to the color of the light, The illusion screen backlight also provides up to 7 color change modes, including gradient, breathing light, magic light and rainbow light, etc. You can save the mode after setting it yourself and use it at any time. The phantom screen backlight also has a variety of preset lighting modes for you to choose from.

App, remote control and voice control

Like many smart lighting fixtures, the Symphony Screen backlight also supports mobile app and infrared remote control, allowing you to easily control different lighting effects. In addition, you can also use voice control modes, such as SIRI shortcuts, Amazon Alexa and Google voice control, etc.

Smart lighting linkage

Nordeco Symphony Screen Backlight is developed using the Tuya smart platform, and works with a series of Nordeco smart lighting fixtures. You can use the same App to control different lighting fixtures. You can also set the scene mode, control different lamps with one button, and comprehensively improve the effect of smart home.

Lay flat, stand upright and back-mounted modes

The backlight of the magic color screen can be used as a desk lamp when placed flat or upright on the table. The backlight comes with its own stand-up stand. You can also use the included stickers Backlight attached to computer screen/TV behind the scenes Backlight is used.

music mode

The phantom screen backlight provides a total of 4 music change modes, and the light will change with the fluctuation of external music. You can use your smartphone/ The sound-sensing element built into the backlight senses external music, creating a wonderful interactive effect with movies/music.

USB powered

Two sets of backlights, support USB low-voltage power supply mode, just connect the general 5V2A USB plug to use.


The left and right sides are each 95cm long, and the connecting line in the middle is 115cm long.

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