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Nordeco Smart Home App

Nordeco has now launched a new smart home app that supports a variety of Nordeco smart products. You can use the same App to control different devices, support linkage, automation, voice control and other functions between devices, and support IOS and Android systems.

*Not all products are supported, please see each product page for details.

Mood Lighting Specialty Store


It is a brand of home furnishing and lighting fixtures. It provides a variety of innovative design wisdom and traditional lamps to Taiwanese customers, ranging from small innovative lighting to large atmosphere lamps. It hopes to provide customers with more perfect home design styles.

Nordeco Aurora Starlight (Smart Model)Galaxy starry sky light (WiFi green star model)Nordeco RGBIC Symphony Combination Floor Lamp (New Segmented Color Changing Model)Nordeco RGBIC Symphony Smart Light StripRGB smart light bulb (9W WIFI model)

Smart lighting combination

Nordeco Smart Lighting

Nordeco smart lighting products are developed through the TUYA system. You can use the same mobile APP to control all devices, such as lighting changes and switches, and enjoy the same experience. Nordeco smart lighting supports iPhone and Android systems.

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Nordeco Symphony Square Hollow Wall LightNordeco Symphony Ring Hollow Wall LightNordeco 42W Smart LED Ceiling Light (Double-sided Light Source)

Mood lighting

Atmosphere lighting series

Nordeco offers a wide range of traditional and innovative lamps to add a unique ambiance to your home with innovative mood lighting designs.

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planet neon signUnicorn Rainbow LightsGalaxy starry sky light (WiFi green star model)Portable backlit ambient lightRGB Music Rhythm Light

endless good news

Creative lighting series

In addition to large-scale lighting fixtures, Nordeco has also launched a variety of small and exquisite creative lighting series, which are very suitable for personal viewing or as party/gifting.

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Homekit RGB Smart Light Bulb (9W new direct connection upgrade)RGB smart light bulb (9W WIFI model)Homekit smart LED ceiling light (new direct connection upgrade)Homekit smart socket (new direct connection upgrade)RGB Smart Bulb (9W Bluetooth)

perfect complement

Peripheral accessories series

Nordeco offers a wide range of accessories for customers to choose from, such as smart accessories or home decoration designs.

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