Nordeco RGBIC Symphony Combination Floor Lamp (New Segmented Color Changing Model)
Nordeco RGBIC Symphony Combination Floor Lamp (New Segmented Color Changing Model)
Nordeco RGBIC Symphony Combination Floor Lamp (New Segmented Color Changing Model)
Nordeco RGBIC Symphony Combination Floor Lamp (New Segmented Color Changing Model)

Nordeco RGBIC Symphony Combination Floor Lamp (New Segmented Color Changing Model)

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Lamp body height (detachable design)
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Nordeco The RGB color-changing floor lamp has a simple design and provides dozens of RGB illusion light changes.

It can instantly change the effect of your room and improve the taste of life.

Nordeco The RGB color-changing floor lamp can change the color, brightness and change of the light at will by downloading the exclusive mobile APP.

According to your room design and mood, you can change at will, choose from a variety of color combinations, and immediately change the appearance and atmosphere of the room.

You can easily create a scene with just one touch of your phone.

A variety of monochrome, your choice

Nordeco's color-changing floor lamps come in a variety of monochrome options so you can

It is easy to adjust by downloading the exclusive mobile APP .

Match different interior designs and moods to create the most suitable ambient lighting for the moment.

Magical colors, endless surprises

In addition to monochrome, you can also activate the illusion effect of Nordeco color-changing floor lamp.

Nordeco color-changing floor lamps provide over a hundred kinds of illusion color changes, and you can adjust the brightness of the light and the speed of the illusion change at any time.

In addition, if you like a certain light and shadow effect, you can also pause it at any time to save it.

Various control methods

( new feature )

Nordeco RGB Magic Color Changing Floor Lamp (App Control Model) In addition to being controlled by an app, it also has a remote control that can control most functions.

Custom Color Combinations ( NEW FEATURE )

Through the App, you can choose different color combinations to make changes, making it easier to create ideal lighting effects.

Music mode ( new feature )

The Nordeco color-changing floor lamp has more music modes than ordinary models, and can receive music/audio from the phone or outside through the microphone of the phone.

lights will follow

Music changes, especially suitable for watching movies and listening to music.

*App models need to use WIFI 2.4ghz connection, once the product is connected, it can be used without connecting to Wifi and Bluetooth.

If the usage scenario does not provide WIFI, two phones can be connected, one phone turns on the WIFI hotspot, and the other can connect normally after connecting to the hotspot.

feature of product:

Support iPhone and Android phones

Monochrome/Phantom color changeable

Super Bright LED Configuration

Various lighting effects

White/warm light can be set

Simple but creative design

Create a Soft or Vibrant Atmosphere


Set light color and dimming

Synchronous control of multi-base floor lamps

Product parameters:

Product height 140 cm high

Power supply 110v Taiwan plug

The L-shaped bracket is 40 cm long on one side

Long tube package about 145 cm high

Remote control distance: 30m

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Comprehensive upgrade|Free Symphony Combination

Nordeco RGB Symphony Combination Floor Lamp adopts a new segmented combination design, each segment length is 40cm, a total of 4 segments. You can assemble it yourself according to your needs, and match different usage scenarios at any time.

The Symphony Floor Light also upgrades the control module to RGBIC2.0, which comprehensively improves the controllable segmentation and music interactive change effects, and supports mobile phone APP, remote control and voice control to make your lighting more beautiful and smarter ,

Special feature

Detachable combination design

Symphony Color Changing Floor Lamp|The Symphony Combination Model provides a total of 4 sections. The lamp tubes with a length of 40cm can be freely combined. Assembling tubes of different lengths allows the combination lamp to have different uses. For example, the length of one section is just right for use as a desk lamp, or all of them can be installed as a wall lamp. In other words, a set of combination lights provides 4 length options, which you can combine at any time.

In addition to the 4 sets of lamp tubes, the combination lamp also provides two types of base brackets to choose from, which are the right-angle floor lamp suitable for use at the foot of the wall and the generous and beautiful round base bracket.

RGBIC 2.0 Control Module

The Symphony Combination Floor Lamp adopts the latest RGBIC 2.0 control module. The newly upgraded interface provides more color cards and variations to choose from. You can also set different color combinations to match your home style and mood.

warm light change

Brighten up your home In addition to the illusion lights, the new RGB illusion color-changing floor lamp APP also adds a warm light function requested by many customers, and a variety of temperature colors can be adjusted. Comprehensively increase the practicality of the floor lamp.

Upgrade music interaction effect

Let the Lights Dance Want the lights to dance to your music? Activate the music function of the RGB color-changing floor lamp to make the light interact with the external music, acting as the best supporting role for the party. The new module adds nine new music change effects to choose from, which greatly enhances the interactive effect

Support iPhone Siri commands

Free your hands By setting different commands, you can control the switch, color, brightness and change of the floor lamp through Siri, and it can change with one command. The color-changing floor lamp supports both Google home and Amazon Alexa.

Product parameters

Brand: Nordeco
Product height: 40 cm per section, a total of 4 sections up to 160 cm power supply; 5v2a Taiwan power plug
L-shaped bracket: 40 cm long on one side

Round base bracket: 20cm diameter Remote control distance: 30m
Remote control power supply: button battery

Connection method: WIFI 2.4ghz
Operating system: IOS and Android system


Smart lighting combination
Nordeco Home

Nordeco smart lighting products are developed through the TUYA system, you can use the same APP to control multiple different products and enjoy the same experience.

IOS download link

android download link

APP connection teaching


common problem

Nordeco Symphony Combination Floor Lamp needs to use WIFI 2.4ghz connection. Once the product is connected, it can be used without connecting to Wifi and Bluetooth.

If the usage scene does not provide WIFI, you can use the attached remote control to control it.

Nordeco Smart Floor Lamp supports most smartphones, including iPhone and Android phones.

Smart floor lamps do not natively support HomeKit, but can be connected through third-party software such as Homebridge.

Yes, the Nordeco floor lamp supports a variety of monochrome and magic color changes, and you can control it through the App, remote control and voice.

Yes, the floor lamp smart model can use remote control, App and voice control at the same time

Nordeco floor lamps support white light and warm light, but please note that warm light is slightly different from ordinary warm light. If necessary, please contact customer service before purchasing.

Nordeco's products are all compliant with Taiwan's 110V plug, so they can be used as soon as they are plugged in.

All products (except customized products) enjoy a 30-day return service. (*The product must not have been opened and used) Please read our return policy for details.

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