Nordeco LED Strip Series

Nordeco has launched three series of same-screen follow spot light strips, two of which are TV light strips and one is a computer light strip. The same-screen light bar adopts unique color detection technology, so that the light bar can be synchronized with the screen image, and the image is extended outside the screen through the light, enhancing the sense of atmosphere and immersion.

RGBIC computer screen backlight strip (only supports Wnidows system)

Compatible with various Windows computer systems, easy to install the program to enjoy the same screen backlight effect, without complicated settings, immediately enhance your PC gaming and movie watching experience.

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RGBIC TV backlight strip (color sync lens version)

The camera captures the color of every pixel of the TV screen and displays it on the RGBIC light strip synchronously, making you more immersed and more enjoyable when watching your favorite movies and TV.

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RGBIC TV background light strip (light color synchronization HDMI version)

Optical color burst HDMI version via HDMI signal input. The light bar is changed to HDMI signal input, which provides the effect of nearly zero delay in gaming level, suitable for players who like to play games on TV.

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