What makes the Nordeco light strips different?

Nordeco 燈條有什麼分別呢?
We have a total of 3 light strips available:

1) USB magic light strip

Provide a variety of lengths, a total of 1 meter, 3 meters and 5 meters to choose from the USB low voltage light strip, and support APP and remote control operation at the same time, suitable for most environments. The APP uses Bluetooth technology to connect, even in outdoor/environments without WIFI, you can easily use the connection.

feature of product:

Support Bluetooth and remote control Support music function
3 length options (1m, 3m, 5m)
The price is cheap and can be cut, and the cut part cannot be reused

2) HomeKit light bar

Support the native "Home" APP control of the iPhone, and easily add home accessories, so that you can control the lights with the iPhone "Home" APP and Siri. You can control the color, dimming, switch and other functions of the light bar through Siri and Iphone, and you can also use the scene mode in the scene mode to link with other smart products and make automation.

feature of product:

Support iPhone Siri and home App and remote control support Apple Macbook, iPhone, iPad, homepod and Android control WIFI connection is required to support music function
4 length options (1m, 5m, 10m, 15m)
Can be cut, the cut part can not be reused

3) RGBIC Symphony Smart Light Strip

Developed using the intelligent IoT cloud platform Tuya system, the color of the light and the control interface of the mobile app are greatly improved compared with the traditional smart lights.
In addition to supporting general lighting color selection and brightness, the Tuya system also provides a variety of changing effects to provide users with a more interesting experience.

feature of product:

Support iPhone, Android and remote control Support RGBIC Exclusive segmented color change function Support siri shortcut, Google and Amazon voice control requires WIFI connection Support music function
2 length options (5 meters, 5 meters, two plates connected to the same power supply)
Can be cut, the cut part can not be reused

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