Nordeco Honeycomb Hexagonal Lamp Usage Tutorial

1. Download and connect App


2. Insert the T-shaped receiver into one of the hexagon lights, and connect the power cord at the same time. The socket needs to be 5v2a voltage.

3. Open the App and turn on the Bluetooth function on the mobile phone, and select LED DMX on the App

4. Generally, the mobile phone will automatically connect. If not, please click the menu in the upper left corner, click all devices, and the mobile phone should display "connected successfully 1 device"

5. After the connection is successful, you can press the switch in the upper right corner to turn on the hexagonal light

6. Take out the connecting piece, there will be an arrow on the connecting piece, keep in mind that the arrow must face downward.

7. Then connect the two hexagonal lights through the connecting piece, and the direction of the arrow starts from the first piece and cannot go back.

8. The connection is complete.

Frequently Asked Questions about Connector Orientation

Correct direction (arrow pointing down, from first block)

wrong direction

right direction

wrong direction

Common Connection Problems

No need, just turn on the bluetooth on the mobile phone

Please check whether the socket is a 5v2a socket. Insufficient voltage/too high voltage may cause the hexagonal lamp of the honeycomb to not light up.

It may be that the voltage of the socket is not enough, please try to use another socket / reduce the brightness of the lamp

Please check that the orientation of the connecting piece is correct

No, the honeycomb hexagon light currently only supports up to 10 pieces

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