Nordeco 幻彩氣團壁燈 - Nordeco HK
Nordeco 幻彩氣團壁燈 - Nordeco HK
Nordeco 幻彩氣團壁燈 - Nordeco HK
Nordeco 幻彩氣團壁燈 - Nordeco HK
Nordeco 幻彩氣團壁燈 - Nordeco HK
Nordeco 幻彩氣團壁燈 - Nordeco HK

Nordeco Symphony Air Mass Wall Lamp (WIFI Smart Model)

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Nordeco Air Mass Wall Light, Indoor

A masterpiece of wall sconce that masterfully combines minimalist style with modern innovative lighting. Infinite Iris of Iridescent Air Clusters Explore millions of possibilities and create unpredictable atmospheres. Especially suitable for minimalist living rooms and bedrooms.

The Nordeco Air Mass Wall Light turns light into a sensation, and it takes you to the Nordeco psychedelic wall light effect.

Hundreds of color effects White/warm light Support simple remote control Stop/start Pause function increase/decrease color effect Speed ​​beautiful design Dimming function Remote control (multiple lights can be controlled by one remote control)
Lamp Length: Two Sizes - 40 cm / 80 cm
Lamp width: 10cm
Power cord: 250cm
Wall-mounted (simple installation)

Equipped with a 110v Taiwan plug with a cable length of 2 meters , 4 holes must be drilled on the wall.

Newly launched WIFI upgrade extra features

App control and remote control dual control mode

Nordeco Air Mass Wall Lamp now provides new WIF control, and it can be controlled with the same APP as Nordeco RGB Color Changing Floor Lamp (App Control), which is easier and more convenient. In addition to being able to use the app to control, it also has a remote control that can control most of the functions. (The remote control of the WIFI model is different from the appearance of the remote control model)

More colors and options can be set

Nordeco Symphony Air Mass Wall Lamp (WIF Control Model) can control more colors, light and dark and changes through the APP, which can better meet your various atmospheres and needs.

Custom Variations and Scene Modes

Different color combinations and changes can be selected, and the scene mode on the APP can be set and changed at any time.

timing mode

You can set the turn-on time of the Magic Color Air Mass Wall Light in the App, for example, set the turn-on time of two hours before going to bed, and automatically turn off after going to bed, without wasting power.

Support SIRI shortcut and voice control

Nordeco Symphony Air Mass Wall Lamp (WIF Control Model) supports iPhone Siri voice control, and can easily control the switch, brightness and color changes through voice.

music mode

Nordeco Symphony Air Mass Wall Light has more music modes than ordinary models,

The wall lamp will change according to external music/audio, especially suitable for watching movies and listening to music.

*App models need to use WIFI 2.4ghz connection, once the product is connected, you don’t need to connect to Wifi and bluetooth use.

If the usage scenario does not provide WIFI, two phones can be connected, one phone turns on the WIFI hotspot, and the other can connect normally after connecting to the hotspot.

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